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JP Mortgage Services LTD. JP Mortgage Services LTD.
Biz Logo
주 소500 Sheppard Ave. E. Suite 305A Toronto, ON M2N 6H7 CA
전 화416-222-3222
이메일[email protected]
수정일: 2017-01-11,  등록일: 2016-09-19
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Since the company's inception in 2008, JP Mortgage Services has aims to present only the highest quality of professionalism. It is our mission to provide our valued clients with the best rates and products for financing their residential or commercial properties. We are also committed to serve our customers and other associates with the utmost respect and courtesy.



JP Mortgage Services aims to be recognized and respected as one of the top mortgage firms of the Greater Toronto Area. It is our objective to network and promote growth of the company so that we may better serve our clients with the greatest variety and quality of products. It is our goal to expand, improve and satisfy the demands of the people within our community.



Abraham K

Before JP Mortgage handled my case I was with another broker who wasn't able to secure a mortgage leaving about a week till the losing date for the sale of a condo purchased. Once I asked JP Mortgage to obtain a mortgage it happen within days from Scotiabank!


Elise Cho

I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent service I received from J.P. mortgage services with regards to my recent condo purchase in Toronto. It was very important for me to have all the aspects of financing dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. I really appreciate the knowledge and the service JP mortgage services provided with regards to securing a right mortgage and the rate. I also appreciate the fact that the broker explained all the aspects of terms and conditions with me at the meeting and was very thorough and professional when answering any concerns. I feel very satisfied with my mortgage and will highly recommend JP mortgage services to anyone with real estate financing needs.


Ben Kim

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding services rendered by J.P. Mortgages. I was very grateful to see you work on my mortgage needs, which transitioned seamlessly to the end of the entire process. Thank you for your true efforts and the quality of valuable services provided.


Chris Latendresse & Joanna Yan

On behalf of Joanna and myself, we would like to express our appreciate and gratitude for the hard work put in by Justin Park on our behalf. We understand fully that Lender is a much tougher lender for scrutinizing potential clients, and we appreciate the work Justin Park has done to get us through this process on time. In addition to his high level of dedication to his clients, he is also very personable and friendly individual, making for a very good experience overall. So again, we thank you and your firm, JP Mortgage Services for working with us to find and secure a great mortgage rate, we are very pleased overall with our experience. I'd also like to mention that we were referred to your firm By our real estate agent. We have worked with him for several years now and as a result of our high-level of trust in him, we accepted his referral to work with your firm. We thank you for your kind offer of gas gift cards.


Taekyung Na

I would like to recommend JP Mortgage Services. The people in JP Mortgage Services are very dedicated individuals who work for their clients and follow through on every part of the process. It is the pleasure to work with them for this mortgage transfer. JP Mortgage Services and Scotia offered me the great interest rate and the transfer process was smooth.


Kim, Su Yong (James)

My family and I arrived in Canada in May 2011 and started our new lives whole-heartedly. Since our arrival, we have planned to buy a house in Canada. In the early stage, however, there were plenty of concerns and worries on "what should I do to buy a house in Canada?", "how should I prepare for a mortgage on the house?" I was preparing it in a difficult way, while just depending on various information from the Internet. Fortunately, my realtor introduced JP Mortgage Services to me and then I have visited the company for my mortgage several times since June 2011. In JP Mortgage Services, Joseph Park explained and compared various Canadian mortgages in detail and kindly answered my questions. Especially, Joseph's kind advice and company staffs' warm help increasingly boosted my confidence in having a mortgage on the house in Canada. With JP Mortgage Services' help and support, I finally bought my new house in May 2012 and started to fulfill "a happy life" that made me decide to immigrate to Canada. I sincerely hope that everyone who prepares for a mortgage on the house in Canada has joyful and happy preparations with JP Mortgage Services.



I was facing a very hard time to get my Mortgage Approval from other commercial banks and closing date was very imminent. Although Mr. Park and his team had to work under very unreasonably tight timeline, they certainly delivered what they promised initially. I'm very pleased with the result and their service.


Joanna Bishay  Real Estate Broker

I would like to express my appreciation towards Mr. Joseph Park, regarding his prompt replies and attention to every single mortgage I sent him. No matter how big or small is the mortgage, he works as if it is for himself, with all his dedication, professionalism and attention to every single small issue!! I am so lucky to have him, as a main and only contact for all my mortgages!! He makes life so easy and he takes care of my name in business, which is very important to me!! I strongly recommend his services to all Real Estate Agents and people who may need mortgage services.


D. H. Fahmy

As I was looking for my dream home in Ajax area, I spent a lot of time searching to find the right one. I finally found the perfect one, but I had only five days before the closing day, and I had to have my mortgage paper work finished before the five days... I heard about JP Mortgage Services from a friend, but I have never had any experience with them. I was introduced to Mr. Joseph Park the Principle Broker of JP Mortgage Services... I was so amazed that Mr. Joseph Park tried to help me with all his heart and worked very hard to get me the lowest possible interest rate that was much less than the bank, and was able to bring me the mortgage loan approval in four days... The process of the mortgage was so smooth and he asked for the required documents and was able to work very hard behind the scene to satisfy all my mortgage requirements in a super fast timing... It is an unforgettable experience with JP Mortgage Services that I greatly appreciate, and I would like to express my great appreciation for all the extra ordinary efforts done by Mr. Joseph Park to assist me in approving my mortgage; I owe you a lot... 



Main Branch: 500 Sheppard Ave, E. Suite 305A, North York Ontario M2N 6H7 Tel: 416.222.3222   Fax: 416.222.3228
Mississauga Branch: 333 Dundas Street, E. Suite#210 Mississauga, Ontario, L5A 1X1 Tel: 905.232.7575   Fax: 905.232.7574



mortgage brokers can pass volume discounts directly on to you.

In the past, prospective home buyers turned exclusively to their banks for their mortgage needs, but you now have more options at your disposal with the growing presence of mortgage brokers. Independent mortgage brokers are licensed mortgage specialists who have access to multiple lenders and mortgage rates. They essentially negotiate the lowest rate for you, and because they acquire high quantities of mortgage products, mortgage brokers can pass volume discounts directly on to you.


Mortgage Broker

Market share1 60% 40%
Description Chartered banking institution with personal banking, credit card, loan and mortgage services. Licensed mortgage specialist with access to multiple lenders and mortgage rates. An intermediary whose commission is paid by the lender providing the mortgage product.
Lender Yes No
Puts application together Yes Yes
Examples  TD, RBC, BMO, CIBC, Scotia, ING The Mortgage Centre, Dominion Lending, Safebridge Financial, True North Mortgage
Pros Banks allow you to consolidate your services with a provider you have an ongoing relationship with and have deemed trustworthy. Mortgage brokers essentially 'shop' around, negotiate for you, and present the lowest rate on the market. Volume discounts achieved by mortgage brokers are passed directly to you.
Cons Banks can only access and offer you their own rates and products. Banks will regularly give discounts on their posted mortgage rates; however, you are responsible for this negotiation. Mortgage brokers are a less familiar avenue, and first-time home buyers would not have pre-existing relationships with them.


Popularity of banks versus mortgage brokers

According to the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP), mortgage brokers represented 40% of total mortgage originations in 2009, up from 26% in 2003, with an even higher usage among first-time buyers (45%). This on the heels that mortgage holders reported that, on average, they obtained 1.96 quotes when they obtained their current mortgages.2

So, the increased number of quotes acquired reflects prospective home buyers' inclination to 'shop' around, a role essentially taken on by a mortgage broker.


Comparing banks versus mortgage brokers

In addition to the points introduced in the comparison chart above, there are other factors to consider when deciding between a bank and mortgage broker.

Although banks can offer some discounting for consolidating your services with them, there are many advantages to using a mortgage broker that many Canadians are unaware.

One of the main benefits of using a mortgage brokers is that they have access to, and knowledge of, the entire mortgage market. They can advise which lenders will consider your case and which will not based on your individual circumstances. This is particularly useful for people with poor credit ratings. Mortgage brokers have access to lenders who specialize in servicing people with adverse credit, and can leverage relationships with mainstream banks.

Mortgage brokers can also access exclusive deals not available on the open market, or negotiate a better interest rate or lower application fees from the lender in some cases.


Other lenders

In addition to banks, other financial institutions such as trust companies and credit unions also service mortgages. You can access these rates directly or through a mortgage broker.


How mortgage brokers finance mortgages

Mortgage brokers will assist you in the application process, from pre-approval to home appraisal; however, it is important to note they are an origination service. A financial institution, not a mortgage broker, will provide and service your loan. The bank or lender will collect payments and provide customer service after the closing; however you can also reach out to your mortgage broker to help you throughout the life of your mortgage.

Many of the major Canadian banks sell through mortgage brokers including TD Bank, Scotiabank, CIBC and ING. In a recent survey conducted on our website, we asked our participating mortgage brokers which three lenders they work with the most. The most popular lenders were as follows:

  1. TD Bank
  2. Scotia Bank
  3. Home Trust
  4. MCAP
  5. ING
  6. CIBC Firstline
  7. Merix Financial
  8. Macquarie

[1] Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) Fall 2010 Consumer Report [2] Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) 2010 Consumer Survey